Top 4 Recruitment Tools Every Small Business Needs

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Finding affordable recruiting tools for a small business can be tricky. Low-budget applicant tracking systems (ATS) typically provide basic recruitment tools, yet most are missing the best innovations that improve workflow.

Luckily, there are applicant tracking solutions available that caters to smaller teams and provides the latest recruitment technology. Here are 3 recruiting tools every applicant tracking software should include:

Text Recruiting Software

Mobile devices are a major source for job-search traffic. It is essential to be able to text candidates after they submit an application.

With applicant tracking software, candidates applying for jobs can communicate via text when recruiters reach out. Recruiters can send interview requests to mobile phones and get instant responses from talent. Since texting is the preferred way to communicate, text recruiting will be sure to expedite the review and hiring process.

By joining ReadyATS today, you will receive 100 texts for FREE!

Mobile-Optimized Career Page 

ATS vendors without a mobile-optimized career page, application, and internal texting functionality are behind. This applicant tracking software includes it as standard. Not only is the career page mobile-friendly, it’s also included in your freemium account! 

Social Media Integration

The ability to connect an ATS to social media accounts is crucial for candidate traffic and flow. This is a standard functionality included with this ATS.

ReadyATS users can sync their company social media accounts within the system. This allows them to share jobs directly to their social media pages. By doing so, the companies can share their job postings instantly to have candidates apply as soon as possible!

AI Chatbot

The use of artificial intelligence has changed the way of technology as we know it. With the ability of AI technology, it has made applying to jobs even more simple!

ReadyATS’s chatbot feature will enhance the candidate experience. The chatbot can gather information on candidates such as their name, email, location, and salary expectations. AI chatbot will use this information to match candidates to open positions. It can either be placed on the company’s career page or the company’s home page.

To host the AI chatbot on your page, it is available for free for the first year!

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