4 Cost Effective (Even Free) Ways To Post Jobs Online

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There are many ways recruiters can post jobs online without going into the red zone. Here are a few tips:

1) Become a ReadyATS Client:

ReadyATS is a “pay as you grow” applicant tracking system (ATS) for small to medium-sized businesses to use immediately. Our software is cloud-based, cost-effective, mobile-optimized, and proven to improve ROI.

2) Post for free:

All jobs created in the ReadyATS system can be posted at no cost instantly to third-party sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, & Monster.

3) Using The Referral Portal: 

A referral portal for streamlining and tracking the referral process. Any employee in the ATS system will be able to create an account within the portal, by inputting the company email or by taking information from social media accounts. Once the account is created, they can easily add friends and their skills. They can send the candidate jobs that they believe are the best fit for them. Not only do your employees have the power, but the portal is able to match the friends to the best fit job for them!

4) QR codes: 

A creative, fun, and absolutely free way to promote jobs using a mobile app. 

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