Why ‘Hiring Made Simple’ is More Than Just a Tagline: Meet The HR Experts Behind Ready ATS

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Behind the Ready ATS mantra “Hiring Made Easy” is a team dedicated to making it a reality for users.

It starts with Arthur Pereless, chief executive officer of Ready ATS and its sister companies Pereless Systems and ATS OnDemand. Pereless has been leading the innovation of online tools for employee recruitment and hiring for over two decades.

While some of these technologies were geared toward corporate clients, Ready ATS was readymade for medium and small businesses, particularly those that rely on hourly workers. It is helping employers reach wider pools of candidates, meet complicated government mandates, bridge lingual divides, and track the hiring process with a sophistication that previously would have only been attainable for major companies. 

“Ready ATS is like one big milkshake – it has so many ingredients and they blend together to give it the best taste,” Pereless said. “We’ve made it easy enough for people to self-implement. You don’t need a big IT team and you can post your first two jobs for free to our specialized boards.” 

Frank Su, Chief Financial Officer

Su has been with the Pereless companies since its launch. In that time, he has helped propel the shift in U.S. hiring from a paper-based to an e-mail based to a software as a service (SaaS)/cloud-based process. Pereless praised Su as a technological visionary with an innate sense to recognize trends. 

Su said one of his goals for the design of Ready ATS was to respond to the preferences of Millennials, who like to take a do-it-yourself approach to technologies. He also strives to continually update the platform so clients with limited HR resources can be sure their hiring process is compliant with regulations on personal privacy, disabilities or other issues. 

“We’re making hiring easier: that’s the goal,” Su said. “We put everything together so they don’t have to go to different apps or services to get an assessment or a background check. They can do everything in one simple cloud-based solution that meets all their needs.”

Amanda Nardiello, Marketing Manager

Nardiello joined the company three years ago as a marketing specialist after graduating from Sacred Heart University with a degree in broadcast journalism. In addition, her work is also focused on providing any technical support candidates may need as they apply for jobs with the system. 

Ready ATS credits her for improving the product by taking note of any technical difficulties applicants tend to encounter and helping come up with solutions.

“I didn’t know anything about applicant tracking coming in, but I know a lot now about how it can be very useful for companies, save them time, save them money, and recruit more efficiently,” Nardiello said.

Liz Leighton, Client Support Representative

Leighton first joined the company three years ago in a tech support role, assisting clients with crafting application questions. She later moved into her current position, which covers a range of client support needs, such as assisting them with building out career pages and leading team trainings on the software.

A military spouse, she is currently pursuing a degree in environmental science at the American Military University. “Coming into this field was a departure for me, but I’ve enjoyed getting to know the systems, the clients and the candidates,” she said.

The Ready ATS Interns

Although there have been too many to name over the years, Pereless praised the many stars who have been developed through the company’s internship program. He rated the program as “second to none” because it puts interns in a position to gain valuable experience making important contributions to the company’s work. 

Interns have the option to stay for all four years of their college careers. Many transition to staff jobs when the internship concludes, but Pereless said he’s the first to applaud when they use their experience as a springboard for careers elsewhere. 

“These people could be the next generation of your firm so they need to know how to do the work,” Pereless said. “A lot of companies really don’t take advantage of the opportunity they have with their interns. Our approach is, let’s find the next star.”

Are You Ready?

Although Ready ATS is a cutting-edge platform integrated with artificial intelligence, it is very much powered by real people who want to see you succeed. If you have questions or ideas for how we can make the system better for your needs, contact us today at info@readyats.com.

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