Applying to Jobs Has Never Been Easier For Companies That Utilize Ready ATS!

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Balancing the ATS Apply Process and Human Appeal

Are you tired of struggling to submit your resume to different job boards and company websites? With today’s integrated process utilizing the premier applicant tracking system brought to you by Ready ATS, applicants can easily submit their resume from any job board, including the company’s website with one click of a button – We call it Easy Apply!

Keyword Optimization

Ready ATS’ product also supports an integrated artificial intelligence component, allowing companies to find the best matches based on a variety of key fields utilizing this proprietary algorithm.  The best minds have developed this groundbreaking technology to free recruiters from an endless search through large pools of applicant data.


Ready ATS provides customers with an A.I chatbot that can be easily installed on the company’s career page. This NEW technology allows our artificial assistant to guide the applicants through a seamless apply process. No more support calls – just candidate success!


With Ready ATS, candidate attrition will never be an issue. We take the ease of applying to the next level, making the process seamless and efficient for both applicants and employers. Say goodbye to the hassle of submitting resumes and hello to a simplified, user-friendly experience.

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