How the AI Chatbot is transforming the online recruitment! 

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Companies have invested tremendous amounts of time and money building a career site that attracts and allows applicants to apply to jobs in a fast and efficient manner. If applicants find roadblocks in this process, they will bail from the apply process and go on to the next company of choice, resulting in your company missing this next great prospect for open opportunities!  

It’s almost impossible to afford a real customer service team to assist the applicants 24/7 in the application process, so how can we use technology to assist in this problem? This is a great question! One solution to this problem is to use AI chatbots as virtual assistants to assist applicants 24/7 in the application process. AI chatbots can help applicants navigate the application process, answer their questions, and direct them to their goal of successfully applying for your position. This can help improve the efficiency of the recruitment process and ensure that companies don’t miss out on great prospects due to roadblocks in the application process.

The Revolution of AI and the chatbot allows companies to deploy a 24/7 virtual assistant. This virtual assistant is present on the page and assists the candidates to ask questions and direct them to their goal, which is applying successfully and being considered for that position.

The AI  Chatbot will also utilize previous information to suggest all opportunities that a candidate may be qualified for.  This allows these applicants to preview jobs that are available that they may have never considered.

Allowing the applicants to see multiple jobs may spur interest and have them apply to multiple positions in your company

They came to your companies for a reason, they want to work for you, so harness the power of the AI  chatbot that will influence and harvest the next generation of great employees.

I have tested many AI i Chatbots in the market. I have found that there is a cost to incur should you want to deploy.

I have reviewed companies in the applicant tracking space and below are my findings.

The two companies that do this well and provide a free AI chatbot is Ready ATS and ATS OnDemand.  These are companies under the same umbrella that allow for you to build a chatbot that is free in your subscription and utilize a best in breed ATS system that provides other great integrated technologies for efficient recruiting management.

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